Tinos - Listed house for sale in Kambos village, Tinos

Price: EUR 0,00
Surface: square meters
Location: Kambos village

On two floors as most houses of Tinos, with the "SALA" and its alcovy, a kitchen and several rooms or bedrooms. The house has a small garden and a view.
It is located at the periphery of the village which gives you more space and tranquility.

Kambos is an agricultural village quiet close to the port which makes it a good choice for people who want to have easy access to the services of Tinos capital.

Kambos has been choosen by a well known Greek artist namde TSOKLIS, hehas a house and a Museum http://www.tinosecret.gr/en/tour/museums/536-mouseio-kwsta-tsokli.html


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